Debra Lutz

Lic# 1539684

Debra brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table, and oversees the day-to-day operations of the Lutz Family team. Debra’s goal is to maintain the quality of experience for all of team Lutz’ clients on a daily basis. Debra’s main focus in addition to maintaining a smooth running team is to be expert in dealing with and resolving any issues that may arise during your transaction. There isn’t a problem that she hasn’t seen and will assure a smooth closing. Licensed in NJ and Member of GSMLS. 

Keith Lutz

Lic# 1222711

Keith’s knowledge and experience, as well as his negotiating expertise, serve all of the clients well. Keith’s main focus is in working with sellers to price, list, and sell their home in the most efficient and profitable way for the client. Keith is the one to write the contract, and all the paperwork. Keith negotiates for the seller and focuses on obtaining the best price, in the least amount of time for the best terms. With 10+ years, and having worked in four different market (NY, NC, SC, & NJ), I have gained many experiences from many different people. Licensed in NJ and Member of GSMLS. 

Jaclyn Lutz

Lic# 1648925

The kids are the reason we do what we do! They inspire us daily, while helping out with many behind the scenes functions of an office. Jaclyn, our oldest, just received her license, but while attending College for her teaching degree she has remained active in helping us achieve our family goals. While Ashley and Ryan are Unlicensed, at this time they plan on following in their big sisters footsteps, and making this a true family business. We want to welcome you to our family, and hope to make life long friends with your family! 

Tim & Julie Harris | Advisory Council

There is no question that Tim & Julie Harris are titans in the Real Estate industry. In their first year as Realtors Tim & Julie Harris earned real estate acclaim selling more than one hundred homes! Coaching notable millionaire celebrity broker Collette Mcdonald from HGTV’s “Bang for your Buck”, Julie Harris is my personal Coach that advises every part of my real estate career & your home.